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In 2014/15, it was 47pc. It appears to be replacing traditional betting. In Norwich, the number new gambling premises licenses handed out by the city council fell from nine in 2010 to just two this year, up to October. A Norwich man who works for a Europe-based online gambling website said while he believed there was a difference between a bet and a gamble, there were areas of the industry he felt uneasy with. You usually get two types of customer, ones who might spend a massive amount of money on Manchester United, generally quite good customers because they wont win much, and then those who will bet on small sports and find an edge to roulette make money in other ways, he said. If you think someone is an idiot you will up their limit 10 times. Thats where there is a bit of an ethical issue. They wont know its happening, but when you know someone is spending money you will invariably up their limit, keep them playing and trying to win more money. You can spot a customer who doesnt know whats happening. He said, at a previous employer, the team noted that a 17-year-old living in mainland Europe who had consistently bet large sums suddenly stopped. They later discovered he had been using his sisters credit card, and took his life after losing a particularly big amount. While there are regulations to protect consumers, and identify where their money is coming from, they are not always adhered to.

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